What Does a Carzzone Broker Do?

When you're car shopping and looking to save money, seasoned car brokers obtain the best prices for you and eliminate the hassle of negotiating with car dealerships. Carzzone car brokers are former car dealers or dealership salespeople. These car buying professionals know the sales tactics, negotiating strategies, and profit margins from the inside. For a flat fee, they search for the type of vehicle you want, negotiate for a better deal, and handle paperwork. Some auto brokers even deliver new or used cars to their clients.

  • New cars One of the great advantages of new car brokering services is that we can usually get you the specific color, upholstery and factory-installed features you want on the model you like. Dealerships often charge extra for these services or claim that the automobile you want is impossible to find in the color or specifications you have in mind, simply because they don't carry it themselves. Carzzone brokers will work hard to get you the car you want without compromising for less desired colors and features.

  • Used cars: The dealer margin on used car pricing tends to be wider than new car pricing, which leaves more room for us to find you an amazing deal. Another advantage is that used cars is that we have access to all cars auctions in California and most other states. We pride ourselves in helping our customers save the money that  dealerships tend profit from by only charging a small percentage of the amount that we help our customers save. Thats means we work hard to get the best price possible. 

  • Car leases: Leasing is more confusing than buying for many shoppers. The vague terms and tiny details of the leasing contract include hundreds of opportunities for you to spend more than necessary. Carzzone brokers provide leasing services for a flat fee to help customers feel confident that they are getting the best price possible on your new car lease without paying for hidden or extra fees. Carzzone can offer custmers with lower monthly car payments because we work stictly with the Fleet Mangers at any dealership in California who provide special pricing on most cars. These fleet services allow us to guarentee our customers with car deals under invoice prices. Carzzone brokers can also help customers who have already received quotes on car leases to lower their monthly payments, guarneeted. 

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